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Having had my week thrown off by Memorial Day on Monday, this post is shaping up as more of a ‘bits and bobs’ notice. I’ve started a temp job for the summer that’s taking up more time than I expected, and I have the pleasure of my youngest daughter’s company more hours of the day now that she’s out of school. So my apologies for a more disjointed post than usual.

My big news is all about the cover above! Shortly after TO BE SEDUCED was released in North America, it was purchased for publication in Brazil. My understanding is that the Portuguese version went on sale earlier this year. I guess this means I can now call myself ‘internationally published’. Although the book’s hero, Richard, has undergone a somewhat alarming transformation from blond to brunette, I quite like the translation of the title. According to Google, the meaning of ‘A Noiva Seduzida’ is ‘A Bride Seduced’.

I’d love to have my stepsister’s half-Brazilian husband compare the Portuguese version with the original English, but I suspect I’d have to duct tape him to a chair and pour a lot of alcohol down his throat before he’d agree to read a romance through even once.

Meanwhile, HER SCOTTISH GROOM moved into the top 100 Historical Romances purchased on Kindle in mid-April. After fluctuating around #30 most of the time, it’s still hanging in there around #50! I totally did not expect this — after all, there are a lot of other good books out there. Readers still leave mostly positive reviews & ratings at Amazon and Barnes & Noble both (where the Nook version continues to climb, hurrah). HUGE hugs and thank-yous to everyone who took the time to give it a rating or tell how much they enjoyed it!

I gave my first-ever workshop in April, at the Nebraska Writers Guild. ‘Dishing it out and Taking It’ deals both with how to approach the works of other writers for critique, and how to handle the critiques of one’s peers. Participants in April gave it high rating and good comments, so I’m glad to have been able to help others out.

Now that summer is upon us, I anticipate a new season of good books, time in the sun, and especially, new chapters to write! What are you looking forward to?

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The Joy of Risk

I avoid danger. The rush of adrenaline that spurs on race car drivers, test pilots and emergency room nurses leaves me wanting to lay down until the shaking stops. You will not find me parachuting out of a plane or driving at excessive speed unless it is literally a matter of life or death.

Yet I have learned to value risk. We all have fears that should be faced. Not because facing a fear eliminates it. I’ve dealt with bugs, tornadoes, high places, and public criticism more than once in my life, and they still make me flinch. But I have learned that my fears of those things should not rule my life. Phobias owe nothing to reason, but we can still control our reactions to them. Facing a fear teaches us that in nearly every case, we can manage it. The key is to recognize the fear, acknowledge it, and prepare for it as best you can. Once I realized this, I found it possible to handle more situations that intimidated me.

I actually took pleasure in the prospect of a challenge. My skin got thicker. Believe me, stress is still a huge part of my life. But like fear, it is manageable. This weekend, for example, the Nebraska Writers Guild has invited me to conduct a short workshop. This is totally new territory, and it makes me want to breathe into a paper bag at moments. What if I make a fool of myself? What if I can’t answer all the questions? What if everybody there is smarter than me?

Still, it’s a chance to grow my speaking skills. I could learn something about writing. I could meet some really cool people. It’s worth the risk.


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